Duration: 30 Days

Online  Fee: 10,000 

Classroom Fee: 3000

Trainer: By Sreedevi 15+ years of proven IT Experience, Trained 1,00,000 + Students Guest Trainer for TOP MNC’s & Other Corporates, Certified in Oracle SQL * PLUS and PL/SQL, Worked in Top MNC. Currently working as a Lead Trainer for Python Scripting, Django, Unix/Linux with Adv. Shell Scripting, PERL Scripting, Oracle(SQL,PL/SQL).


  • What is Django?
  • Scope of django
  • Architecture
  • Models/views/Templates


Web Frame Work:

  • Software designed to develop web application

* Eq: CakePHP, Spring, Django

* Server side: PHP/java/Python/Ruby/…

* Client Side: HTML/HTML5/CSS/JavaScript/Jquery/…


  • 2003, Django Software Foundation
  • 20% market share in silicon valley, second place after ruby
  • Developed with Python


Course Content

Introduction to web frame work

  • What is a server, HTTP Request and HTTP Response?
  • What is a web frame work and web application?
  • Challenges in developing web application
  • Django overview and installation

Starting a Django powered project

* Django project architecture

* Understanding manage.py, understanding settings.py, Understanding_init_.py and wsgi.py, Understanding urls.py and python regular expression

  • Starting your first web application
  • Django project architecture
  • Understanding admin.py, Understanding models.py, Understanding views.py,
  • Running Django development server
  • Working with java script & CSS files
  • Templates

* Developing standard web template

* Template tags

* Filters in Templates

* Template API


  • Django Admin
    • Activating the Admin interface
    • Creating super use for Admin site
    • Using the Admin site
    • How to use the Admin site
    • The django.contrib package


  • The MVC Development Pattern
  • Defining Models using Python classes
  • Defining Model data fields
  • Initializing model using makemigrations
  • Running model initialization using migrate
  • Registering models in settings.py
  • Registering models with Admin site

Views and URLconfs

  • Understanding the view layer
  • Requesting a web page via URL
  • Rendering web page via view function
  • Render HTTP Response to templates
  • Understanding context data and python dictionary type


  • Form basics
  • GET and Post methods
  • Form validation
  • Rendering forms
  • ModelForm

Working with static File

  • Creating static repository
  • Loading static files
  • Adding Image file to Template

Advance Models, Views, Forms and Admin

  • Understanding model fields in depth, Database function, Model managers
  • Django ORM
  • Class based views
  • File submission

Testing in Django

  • Testing Djangoproject/App
  • Writing a unit test

Deploying web application

  • Deploying Django application on GitHub
  • Deploying Django application on end host or Amazon Web Services


We will provide project based training, in parallel with the course. Will decide the type of project mostly e-commerce one.