Tecnosoft.in is been into the IT market since a decade. We have started our career 10 years back as a class room training provider. After 5 years in the classroom training, as a part of expansion in 2008, we have moved to online training. We are offering the services globally with local and international standards with real time exposure. Now, after 10 years of expertise in software training, we are one of the best online training service portals of the industry. This shows our standards and commitment towards the software learners.

Since inception of Tecnosoft.in, it has evolved into a cherished and most reliable retail and Corporate Training Company.

Tecnosoft.in Training is one training institute where online interactive training is a common experience and many students in the past have learned, mastered, got certified and landed excellent jobs on their way to their careers. Our training takes place with well-prepared training materials. We provide documentation and the best interview preparation materials for learners.

Tecnosoft.in has access to a faculty of esteemed and highly qualified consultants to deliver the courses. These instructors are not in any way academics, but rather specialists actively involved in consulting to business in their particular fields. This gives the learners a fuller insight of the needs and as well as knowledge about actual and future trends in the market, and makes the courses extremely practical and relevant.

We don’t just give training and leave you on your own but support you even after you get into the job. We are providing web based online training in major IT Courses, where you can sit at home in front of the system and learn without travel or relocate during the training program. You can practice exercises and real-time projects which are given by our esteemed instructors.

Training is conducted by experienced and certified Instructors. Prestigious clients are included in our Clientele list and 100% Successful placement for excellent candidates.